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Biohealthways is a biotechnology companY, Developing Focused Therapeutics for ocular conditions

Drug delivery system for ocular biologic and pharmaceutical therapeutics:

  • retinal neo-vascular conditions
  • secondary glaucoma
  • inflammatory eye & trauma

We will work with you and out-license our drug delivery platform, creating best-in-class formulations:

  • Premise: Ocular indications require specialized drug delivery mechanisms to provide effective dosing for long enough
  • Insight: BioHealthWays has a drug delivery system designed to achieve sustained release of biologics for 6 months intravitreally
  • Result: Working with leading institutions, BioHealthWays co-formulates products to achieve significant holistic competitive advantages


Our ManagemeNT

Brian Pan

Chief Executive Officer


Brian is co-founder and CEO of BioHealthWays, Inc. Brian brings a strong business management acumen and impressive track record across multiple industries and global geographies, consulting with Accenture Strategy and Galt & Company on Board and C-suite initiatives at large and well-run Fortune 500 corporations such as Bristol Myers Squibb, Unilever, Coca-Cola, AT&T, Pitney Bowes, Fiat Chrysler Automobiles, and Caterpillar. With seasoned leadership and high performing teams, Brian has supported cases that have directly delivered over $200M in operating profits as well as revenue growth in excess of $1B. Driving timely guidance and sharing expertise across high-performance organizations, Brian has a track record achieving critical milestones on time and with high quality.

Selected Cases:

Johannesburg, South Africa (12 months), Dubai, UAE (4 months), Jeddah, Saudi Arabia (4 months), Geneva, Switzerland (4 months), Istanbul, Turkey (12 months), Various intermittent locations Domestic and Global


Board, Columbia Engineering Young Alumni


B.S. IEOR: Engineering and Management Systems, Economics, Technical Entrepreneurship, Columbia University Fu Foundation School of Engineering and Applied Science with selected studies at Columbia Business School (MBA)


Dr. David Pan

President and Chief Technology Officer

David is co-founder, President, and Chief Technology/Business Officer  of BioHealthWays, Inc. David brings a unique combination of corporate commercialization and innovation as well as patent expertise. Having served at Xerox Corporation for over 32 years in various senior roles at the Office of General Counsel as well as Offices of Corporate Innovation and Research & Development, David has nearly 100 patents to his name, several of which have been commercialized and/or out-licensed.  Products utilizing his technology include: e-ink as used in the Kindle reader, various technologies in Xerox printers, and biomaterials in biomedical imaging. Through his innovations, he has delivered over $100M+ in customer value. David is an expert in product delivery of hydrogels, polymers, block copolymers, elastomer nano-composites, polymer chemistry, physics, engineering, and structure-property relationships. He has unusual expertise as an inventor and patents infringement investigator, and is called as an expert witness for general IP defense expertise in U.S. court investigations.

David is a member of various professional societies, including American Chemical Society, American Physical Society, and Materials Research Society. He has received numerous corporate awards and session chairmanships. He has written over 25 journal-accepted publications, and given multiple public talks at research organizations, professional societies, and conferences worldwide.

Research Interests:

  • Hydrogels, Polymers, Block Copolymers, polymer chemistry
  • Elastomer nano-composites
  • Physics, Engineering, Structure-property relationships


Ph.D. Chemical Engineering, University of Wisconsin-Madison

B.Eng. Chemical Engineering, National Taiwan University






A biodegradable intravitreal drug delivery system

A biodegradable intravitreal drug delivery system

A typical applicator

A typical applicator


Disposable Prefill Syringe Cartridge & Motorized Applicator Wand



Smart motorized applicator wand with standard disposable prefilled syringes.

Syringes capable of delivering: implants, liquids, gels, & other



Intravitreal Biologic Extended release

wet Advanced Macular Degeneration

Diabetic Retinopathy

Retinal Vein Occlusion


Developing the next generation drug delivery systems for anti-VEGF therapy

Prototype / Preclinical



Intravitreal biologic extended release



Developing the next generation drug delivery systems for glaucoma treatment

Prototype / Preclinical




Eye Trauma and Inflammation


Developing the next generation drug delivery systems for traumatic eye injury and retinal inflammation

Prototype / Preclinical





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