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In Focus: Nanotechnology-based drug delivery systems for ocular biologic therapeutics

The following eye diseases are common examples of often chronic and require thoughtful treatments with enhanced drug delivery profiles to treat 100M+ global patients:

  • retinal neo-vascular conditions (diabetic and age-related)
  • secondary glaucoma
  • inflammation

These "top 3" diseases are increasingly treated with biologics. Currently, they require multiple injections and are particularly challenging to deliver inside the eye, a complicated, sensitive organ.

  • Premise: Ocular biologic therapeutics require specialized drug delivery mechanisms to provide effective dosing for longer than ever, in safe, convenient-to-use, and convenient-to-administer forms.
  • Insight: BioHealthWays has a implantable drug delivery system designed to achieve sustained release of biologics for >6 months intraocularly.
  • Result: Working with partners, BioHealthWays optimizes preclinical pipeline assets to generate competitive product attributes.

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Increasing revenue share of biopharma

Why Biologics Drug Delivery?

Biologics and nucleic-acid based therapies are not only growing in importance in the R&D pipeline, but also capturing an increasing and profitable share of pharmaceutical market revenues. In the coming few years, as value-based pricing is implemented, superior products will maintain competitive pricing advantages.

BioHealthWays technology will align within the 1000's of biologics now in large pharma's R&D pipeline. This represents well over $25 billion dollars of annual investments. To protect and enhance assets in your R&D pipeline, ensure your products have an enhanced drug delivery mechanism from BioHealthWays.

Follow the links below to learn more about Growth in Biopharma and Medicare Provider Utilization data to see the growth in the industry and the increasing importance of sustainable health technologies.


Nanotechnology example: nanomicelles

Product Attributes

BioHealthWays' product is rooted in nanotechnology. The clinical application of nanotechnology--such as block copolymer micelles--is rapidly developing. New approaches and opportunities using these and other technologies will create new product applications--spanning biologic and nucleic-acid therapies. Repurposing, biosimilars, cocktail drugs, and related strategic initiatives in the "drug delivery" toolbox are vastly underutilized and could unlock additional value while being efficient with R&D spend.

"The use of nanotechnology is expected to provide pharmaceuticals with improved dissolution, bioavailability, metabolism, clearance, and distribution profiles, which are hoped to reduce unwanted side effects and improve efficacy." US Dep of Health and Human Services, Food and Drug Administration, 2014 - Guidance for Industry: Considering whether an FDA-regulated product involves the application of nanotechnology. 

Follow the links below to read more about a few current approaches and opportunities in the field.

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Enhanced Drug Delivery Technology

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