about us

Preventable blindness, in the form of glaucoma, diabetic eye diseases, and age-related macular degeneration persist in our families and friends. It is the cause of over $139B in economic burden to the US economy alone, and over 80 million patients have preventable blindness diseases here in the US.

OUr future is in sight

BioHealthWays is determined to fight diseases by delivering focused, next-generation therapies.

We are a company whose success will be based on enabling large pharmaceutical partners to achieve the impossible: prevention and cure of  debilitating diseases. We harness the possibilities in new biologic and nucleic acid therapies being developed every day, and participate in the exciting commitment to fighting preventable blindness.

Customized Drug Delivery, enabled by polymeric means, is the key to drugs with better safety, efficacy, toxicology, and release profiles. BioHealthWays is building prodrugs that localize and enable protein-based therapies. Together with partners, we can change the way diseases are treated today. We are, in short, delivering value through innovation.

Drug delivery system for ocular biologic and pharmaceutical therapeutics:

  • neo-vascular conditions (diabetic and age-related)
  • glaucoma
  • inflammatory eye & trauma

We will work with you and out-license our drug delivery platform, creating best-in-class product attributes:

  • Premise: Ocular indications require specialized drug delivery mechanisms to provide effective dosing for long enough
  • Insight: BioHealthWays has a drug delivery system designed to achieve sustained release of biologics for >6 months intraocularly
  • Result: Working with leading institutions, BioHealthWays co-formulates products to achieve significant holistic competitive advantages