about us: Our Future is in Sight

BioHealthWays is committed to fight diseases by delivering focused, next-generation therapies.

We envision products that elevate the human condition and improve the comfort of living. Harnessing the possibilities in new biologic and nucleic acid therapies, BioHealthWays precisely controls targeting, timing, and dosing to create sophisticated pharmaceutical products.

Customized Drug Delivery, enabled by polymeric nanotechnology, is a key to drugs with improved safety, efficacy, toxicology, and release profiles.

BioHealthWays is building enhanced drug delivery systems that localize and enable improved protein-based therapies. Our expertise is in biomaterials, polymers, hydrogels, nanotechnology, and surface-property interactions, helping large pharma optimize product attributes to exceed customer, regulatory, and market requirements.

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In Focus: Nanotechnology-based drug delivery systems for ocular biologic therapeutics

The following eye diseases are examples of often chronic and require thoughtful treatments with enhanced drug delivery profiles:

  • retinal neo-vascular conditions (diabetic and age-related)
  • secondary glaucoma
  • inflammation

These "top 3" preventable blindness diseases are the cause of over $139B in economic burden to the US economy alone, and over 80 million US patients are at risk of preventable blindness diseases. These same diseases are increasingly treated with biologics, requiring multiple injections due to API instability, causing inconvenience, risks, and noncompliance with treatment regimen. 

  • Premise: Ocular biologic therapeutics require specialized drug delivery mechanisms to provide effective dosing for longer than ever, in safe, convenient-to-use, and convenient-to-administer forms.
  • Insight: BioHealthWays has a implantable drug delivery system designed to achieve sustained release of biologics for >6 months intraocularly.
  • Result: Working with partners, BioHealthWays optimizes preclinical pipeline assets to generate competitive product attributes.

We will work with you to create best-in-class therapeutic attributes. Contact us today.