Fighting Preventable Blindness

BioHealthWays applauds and affirms Allergan's commitment to fighting preventable blindness. 

Recently, Allergan CEO Brett Saunders renewed his company's approach to the 80M+ Americans who have eye diseases that could make them go blind. In the company's press release it references the $139B societal burden of blindness in the US.

The National Academy of Science, Engineering, and Math (NASEM) also calls for an end to preventable blindness by 2030. At BioHealthWays, we are glad to join the fight!

To help today, consider See America's campaign to donate to the American Foundation for the Blind. Also contact BioHealthWays at on how you can help our company accelerate this mission!

Get involved by posting a photo of one of your eyes on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter. Add #EyePic, and pass it on to two friends by @tagging them. For every post, See America will donate $10 to the American Foundation for the Blind.*

Read more at these Allergan sites below:

Brian Pan